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Main Panel M4030 Control Computer System USSR EVM. Category Vintage Mainframe Parts. Detailed description and photos.

Main Panel M4030 Control Computer System USSR EVM

EVM M4030 Control Computer System

  • Module: M4030 Main Panel
  • Application: computer control panel EVM
  • Size: approximately height: 800mm; width: 600mm; depth: 100mm;
  • Weight: approximately 22kg;
  • Country of manufacture: USSR
  • Date of manufacture: 1970's
  • Condition: used

The front panel from first integrated circuit computer in the USSR, "EVM M4030 Control Computer System" was made in 1975 year. The Soviet computer M4030 was built on the basis of the architecture of the American system of the IBM 360 family. This ensured their software compatibility with EVM ES-10XX computer models, which were commercially produced in the USSR in the early 1970s, as well as computers of systems such as 360/370 by IBM, OS BS-2000 by Siemens (architecture of the Siemens 4004 family) and ICL system.

We sell the central control panel of the M4030 computer, the panel is in good condition and miraculously preserved to this day. The remote control panel M4030 has been stored in a warehouse for a long time and has small changes from time: there are scratches and rust marks on the sides of the iron case, and paint has worn off in places. The front side of the panel is in normal condition more detailed please see all photos and video. On the front panel there are about 157 buttons and switches and about 139 indicator lights that demonstrated the operation status of the computer. This is a rare device only in a single instance. An excellent specimens for collectors, educational institutions or museums of electronics!

Main parameters and characteristics of the "EVM M4030 Control Computer System"


A new model of an aggregate system of computer equipment based on a microelectronic element base (ASWT-M) with the highest performance. Allows you to create two-processor complexes with shared RAM. Application of integrated circuits, manufacturability and standardization, modern methods of Assembly and installation.


The functional layout, unified design base, and exterior design meet the modern requirements of technical aesthetics and engineering psychology.


It includes operating systems ASWT-M and EVM ES-10XX, a set of service programs, an extended program library, and test software. Test software programs reduce troubleshooting time and improve the quality of the M4030 health check.


Automated control systems of technological processes.
Automated systems of management of enterprises, branches.
Design automation systems.
Automation systems for scientific and physical experiments.
Information and reference systems.
Computer centers for research, engineering and economic calculations.


Contains operating systems of the OS ES-10XX, DOS ASWT, including versions for the two-processor complex, and test software. Translators: ASSEMBLER, ALGOL, FORTRAN, COBOL, RPG, PL-1. Operating systems provide different ways to process tasks: batch, remote batch, real-time, and dialog mode. The software includes application packages: applied mathematics, statistical analysis, linear programming, modeling of discrete systems, maintenance of data banks for various applications, organization of collective use systems, etc.


Speed from 100000 to 275000 operations/sec (depends on the configuration). The M4030 implements a complete system of computer commands and additionally commands for sending and comparing large arrays of information, shifting and rounding decimal operands, processing bytes under a mask, and floating-point operations on 128-bit numbers. Number of implemented commands 156.


The capacity of 256...1024 KB in 256 KB modules.
The bit width of 72 bits per word (8 bit control).
Memory access speed is 2.0 microseconds.


Internal cycle of 0.33 microseconds.
The firmware memory cycle is 0.66 microseconds.
Bit depth of 36 bits (including four control bits).


Data transfer rate of 1.5 million bytes/sec.
The total bandwidth is 4 million bytes/sec.


The capacity of a single removable disk package is 29 million bytes.
Data exchange rate is 312 thousand bytes/sec.
The maximum number of drives that can be connected to a single management device is 8.


The capacity of a single drive is 20 million bytes.
Data exchange rate is 64 thousand bytes/sec.
The maximum number of drives that can be connected to a single management device is 8.


Input from punch cards 500 cards / min.
Output to punched cards 100 cards / min.
Input from punched tape 1500 lines/sec.
Output to the punched tape 150 lines/sec.
Alphanumeric printing 1100 lines/min.
The control panel based on the display and the sign-mosaic typewriter DZ-180.
TV program management 32 communication channels, 30 km.
Video terminal VT-1 64x16 characters.

Historical data and photos

In the last photos, you can see a General view of the Soviet computer with this M4030 panel, as well as the building of the factory where these machines were produced in the period 1975-1980. The plant had a large production capacity and a staff of more than 10,000 people now everything is destroyed and the plant does not work.

Date of publication: 01 Feb 2020

Live Video

We present the video for a more detailed introduction to "Main Panel M4030 Control Computer System USSR EVM". All videos are real and made by us to show all the details that are difficult or impossible to show in the photos.
Video of the Vintage Main Panel EVM M4030 Control Computer System USSR Soviet built on the basic 360 IBM architecture

Full Collection Photos for "Main Panel M4030 Control Computer System USSR EVM"

This album contains all the photos that we did for "Main Panel M4030 Control Computer System USSR EVM" in category "Vintage Mainframe Parts". All photos are original and if you like any of them you can contact us and we can offer you completely original photos without a watermark and good quality for a small fee.