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Vintage ferrite memory module from Soviet Mainframe 1970s. Category Vintage Mainframe Parts. Detailed description and photos.

Vintage ferrite memory module from Soviet Mainframe 1970s

Vintage Ferrite Core Memory Module 24-bytes from Soviet Mainframe Minsk-22 1960s Past Era. Rare USSR Computer device

  • Brand: USSR
  • Manufacturer: made in USSR
  • Parameters: core memory, size memory approximately 25344 bit
  • Size: approximately 27 x 24 cm or 10.63 x 9.45 inches
  • Material: plastic + metal
  • Application: module memory for USSR mainframe MINSK-22

It is rare module from Soviet mainframe MINSK-22, similar modules also could been used in other models of Soviet computers. Each bit in memory has its own ferrite ring or core. These cores can be magnetized in one or two directions, which corresponds to bit 0 or 1. We calculated total sizes of the device and approximately got size of the memory is 25344 bit information it is about 24 bytes information. it seems fantastic but this memory will fit only a few words of 24 letters for example "photoelectroluminescence" or "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy". The device has signs of wear from time, see the photo for more details.

Historical information

Magnetic core memory (ferrite memory) it consists of tiny metal rings through which wires pass, which could be magnetized in any direction, giving a logical value of 0 or 1. Memory on magnetic cores had many important advantages, not the least of which was that it did not require current to store the contents (an advantage over modern memory) addition, it provided true random access, in which access to any part of the memory was equally fast. Magnetic core memory was significantly faster than other previously used memory technologies, since the access time was 12 microseconds. Currently, magnetic core memory is used in narrow sectors of the space or rocket industry where increased reliability of data storage is required.

We added several historical photos and you can see how were manufactured similar ferrite memory modules on factory USSR.

Date of publication: 07 Oct 2020

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