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Vintage magnetic head reader recorder tape from Soviet mainframe. Category Vintage Mainframe Parts. Detailed description and photos.

vintage magnetic head reader recorder tape from Soviet mainframe

Vintage Magnetic Head Reader Recorder Tape from Soviet Mainframe, Computer 1970-1980s. IBM format read/write 9-track tapes.

  • Brand: USSR
  • Manufacturer: Made in USSR
  • Size: 14 х 7 х 7 cm or 5.51 х 2.76 х 2.76 inches
  • Material of reader: plastic + metal
  • Application: for read/write 9-track tapes IBM format
  • Compatibility: ES-10XX, Minsk-32, SM-4 etc.

The vintage head reader for read/write (reel) magnetic tape from ES EVM. The device was manufactured in USSR in period 1970-1980s and used for read/write 9 tracks tape (IBM 9-track format) allows to record in each position exactly one byte (8 data bits plus 1 control bit) the 9-track tape was invented and started its work together with IBM System/360.

Historical data

In USSR the tapes were used in Soviet industry and for scientific calculation. Many years ago, the magnetic tape were used instead of CD, DVD and flash drives in the Soviet electronic computers for accumulation and storage an information. The reels could be used for next Soviet computers: Minsk-32, SM-4, ES-1030/1035/1040/1050/1036/1045/... and others series Soviet ES EVM. The series of modules for reading the tape was produced in next line:  ES-5002, ES-5012, ES-5017, ES-551, ES-5025, ES-5525. The modules were used for reading the magnetic tapes as the peripheral equipment for the CPU electronic computer USSR and had a large weigh about 400-500 kg (every module). We added old photos with Soviet mainframes where used similar devices.

Date of publication: 07 Oct 2020

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