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Vintage metal box for transporting Soviet mainframe electronics. Category Vintage Mainframe Parts. Detailed description and photos.

vintage metal box for transporting Soviet mainframe electronics

Vintage Rigid and Heavy Metal Box for Transporting Mainframe Electronic Parts of the USSR Time 1970s

  • Outer case diameter: 59 mm
  • Inner case diameter: 53 mm
  • Wall thickness case: 3 mm
  • Cover outer diameter: 66 mm
  • Cover inner diameter: 58 mm
  • Wall thickness cover: 4 mm
  • Container depth: 85 mm
  • Container length with closed cover: 96 mm
  • Total weight the container with cover: 0.760 kg

It is rare metal container from Soviet mainframe set for transporting computer electronic components in period 1970s in Soviet USSR time. This device was used to transport particularly sensitive processor components or expensive mainframe parts to protect against damage from impacts and other mechanical impacts. The box can support a load weighing up to 1 ton. The device does not have an expiration date, it can last for another 200 years or more.

Date of publication: 02 Dec 2020

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